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Adventures with the Apple iPad 2

I attended CAST 2011 in Lynnwood, WA from Aug 8-11, 2011, and vowed (much like I did after STPCon 2010) to try and do more writing on testing topics.  I do have several posts I will be making about CAST 2011, but my experience last night with a highly regarded consumer device about drove me NUTS, and inspired me to relate my experience.  In a nutshell: I do not recommend trying to set up your new iPad through the iTunes interface…something is not quite right there.

I’ve long desired an iPad, as my wife has a first generation one she uses extensively.   (more…)

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Adventurer’s Tools Background

This blog was conceived in reaction to seeing Michael Bolton speak at STPCon 2010.  His presentation was called “Testers! Get Out of the Quality Assurance Business”.  In his presentation, he likens testing to anthropology (more…)

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Defects – Love ’em or Hate ’em. Depends on who you are?

Defects.  Your relationship to the product will likely determine your response to that word, but I don’t believe it should.  I’m a tester by trade (and nature, I like to believe), and my response is glee/excitement (this would be a Love ’em reaction).  Why? There are several reasons, some of which I will elaborate:

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