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Adventures with the Apple iPad 2

I attended CAST 2011 in Lynnwood, WA from Aug 8-11, 2011, and vowed (much like I did after STPCon 2010) to try and do more writing on testing topics.  I do have several posts I will be making about CAST 2011, but my experience last night with a highly regarded consumer device about drove me NUTS, and inspired me to relate my experience.  In a nutshell: I do not recommend trying to set up your new iPad through the iTunes interface…something is not quite right there.

I’ve long desired an iPad, as my wife has a first generation one she uses extensively.   (more…)

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Defects – Love ’em or Hate ’em. Depends on who you are?

Defects.  Your relationship to the product will likely determine your response to that word, but I don’t believe it should.  I’m a tester by trade (and nature, I like to believe), and my response is glee/excitement (this would be a Love ’em reaction).  Why? There are several reasons, some of which I will elaborate:

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